A game that requires both speed and mental toughness through the use of Slap Attacks, Dog Houses and Nope cards.

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  • I recently became familiar with this game Brownie Points the Card Game and pleasantly surprised by it, I like it so far.  It seems kind of simple on the surface, but when you play it for a little while there's some depth in the hand management, you gotta save your cards for a big play later on.  I give it two thumbs up, it's a good game.
    Name Phil Gamer Hollows Gamer



Brownie Points Card Game is a highly strategic, fast pace game that will raise blood pressure, cause squirts and send you to the Dog House. Players take turns drawing cards, Brownie Point Slap Attacking their opponents and earning as many points as possible each round. The deck is made up of cards that let you send all your opponents to the Dog House, a Game Changer that immediately trumps the pile, and a Brownie Squirt Card that's the walk of shame.

Newly Designed, Modern Deck of Cards for Adults, Teens, Families, Parties, and the Brilliant Kids Under 12.

Brownie Points Slap Attack - You Never Know When it's Going to Happen.

  • My favorite part of this game is definitely the slap attack, when the card matches with what you have in your hand you slap the table and say Brownie Points.  It's my favorite because it's the most challenging.
    Name Heather Gamer
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