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Common Questions & Hidden Gems

  • Can you Slap Attack a Dog House Card?

    Short answer: No.  The only thing you can do to counter-attack this card is play the NOPE card.  Otherwise, you’re stuck passing your high card.

  • Whoever is leading off the sequence, can they pass and have someone else start?

    No.  If you are starting a round or sequence you must play at least one card.  You cannot pass and have someone else play.  You can however, start off playing a Dog House card which then forces the next player to play a card.

  • Can you play two Dog House cards at the same time?

    Now you’re talking.  Yes!  There are only five Dog House cards, so if you are one of the lucky ones to hold two at a time, you can either split them up and play them different sequences or play them both in one had which brings double the cards.  Sneaky.

  • What's the difference between a Sequence and a Round?

    A sequence is when you win a hand and start the next hand.  A round is when all the cards are gone and you add up your points.  Then you deal cards and start a new round.  So, sequences occur within a round.

  • Do you have to play when it's your turn, or can you pass anytime?

    As long as you aren’t the one starting a sequence or round, you can pass anytime it’s your turn even if you have cards that can play.  Keep in mind, if you pass you cannot play any cards (no slap attacks either) until someone else plays after you.  If that happens, you’re back in and can slap attack if you’d like.  Sometimes you pass egging people on to play higher cards and than come back with a slap attack.  I love it when a plan comes together.

  • How does the round end?

    When the middle deck is gone, the first player to run out of cards now ends the round.  This can happen a few different ways; 1.  They lay down there last cards and someone wins the sequence, 2.  Someone lays down a Dog House card and a player passes there final card, 3.  A player slap attacks a hand using their final cards.  The round ends immediately once any of those occur once the middle deck is gone.

  • Do you ever run out of cards?

    One of the reasons your hand is constantly changing is because you are constantly drawing cards.  So, no you never should run out of cards until the end of the round.  As long as there are cards in the middle deck, you should always have a card.

  • When do you draw cards?

    There are a few ways to draw cards; 1.  To end your turn you draw one card, 2.  When a Dog House card is played, after passing cards everyone, including the person who played the Dog House card, now draws one card.  If someone plays two Dog House cards at once, you still only draw one card.  You never draw more than one card at a time.

  • The middle deck has run out, now what?

    All this means is you don’t draw anymore cards and the first player to play their final card ends the round.  Any cards left in any players hand are now negative points.  Don’t get stuck with a lot of cards at the end.  Hand management is key.